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A Ministry of St. Matthew Catholic Church Mel’s Diner has been feeding people in dire need in Charlotte since 2001, without ever asking its patrons to pay a dime and with nothing but a big heart and a lot of effort.

Our Purpose is Caring, Sharing, Understanding, Love

Mel’s Diner organizes fresh food and home cooked meals for truly needy people. They also pick up food that would otherwise go un-eaten or thrown away and give it out selflessly to people who are truly hungry.

  • Caring
  • Sharing
  • Understanding
  • Love

Our Team

Duke/Toni Oxford and friends otherwise known as Mel’s Diner is a non-funded group of people who simply care.


Duke Oxford

aka "Mel"
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Toni Oxford

aka "Flo"
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mels friends

And Friends

Just a few of our many volunteers
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MELS in the NEWS


They say that any kind of news is good news. Good news must be even better!

'South Charlotte News' 6/23/2010

There's always room for more at Mel's.

'South Charlotte News' 10/13/2011

Everyday Heroes step up to feed the hungry.

'Charlotte Living'

Children Feeding Children Makes a Difference


Here's Duke and Mel's Diner in the news on WBTV 3 Charlotte.


An extension of Mel's

Flo's Diner has arrived with great success. After a great recruiting season more than 40 angels have joined to form Flo's Diner. These wonderful ladies have permitted Mel's to grow into new areas, as well as reaching many more children. The Angels are active, enjoy the experience and are welcomed by all.

We have also delved into more than just feeding those in need. Many of those, being refugees, come here with practically nothing. We are trying to fulfill some of their other needs as well - bicycles, microwaves, vacuum cleaners, sewing machines, kitchen items, clothes, even some furniture. We appreciate all these donations and our volunteers love distributing them.

Mel's Friends

The people below are people whom we support and also support us. Without them Mel’s Diner could not exist.

Thank you all so very, very much!

Be sure to visit them whenever you can, as these are people who give selflessly to our community.

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